The TESSA community, and the TESSA materials, have been created by teachers and teacher educators working in a variety of contexts. An expert team has prepared handbooks suggesting some of the ways in which the TESSA community and materials can be used to plan and implement teacher education and training programmes, courses and activities.

Handbook for teachers: 'Working with pupils' is a short handbook for teachers explaining how to use TESSA materials in your classroom. Download and print the pdf version or download and adapt the word document for your own school or institution.

Handbook for teacher educators: 'Working with teachers ' is designed to support teacher educators to use TESSA materials in courses and programmes. It is for lecturers, advisers, professional development leaders, policy makers and other colleagues working in teacher education. 'Working with teachers' includes the handbook for teachers, 'working with pupils'. The appendices give examples from institutions across Africa.

Working with teachers (pdf)

Working with teachers (doc)

Working with pupils (pdf)

Working with pupils (doc)