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Embedding TESSA Activity [complete]

This project  has been funded by the Hewlett Foundation with the intention of embedding and disseminating TESSA resources whilst researching the impacts and effectiveness of the resources across primarily 3 areas; the classroom, school and networks.

At TESSA we firmly believe in the potential of TESSA OERs to be a positive influence on learning. However the challenge is to realise this potential and this requires an approach which understands the detail of curriculum innovation. The objective is to learn from the findings and embed more comprehensively the use of this participatory pedagogy into the practices of teachers in the classroom.
Activity centres around investigation of the conditions of TESSA OER use to successfully support change in teachers’ practices and ‘habits of mind’. Three strands of enquiry will each involve work with two partner institutions selected from those in the TESSA consortium. Each enquiry is led by an investigator from the Open University UK working alongside TESSA coordinators, who are academics at the partner HEIs in Africa.
The three strands of enquiry are:
1.  How do school level factors influence successful use of TESSA OER  to support change in teachers’ practices?
2.  How can support external to the school (university supervisors, tutors etc), encourage teachers to reflect on and improve their practice with the TESSA OERs?
3.  What modifications and adaptations of the TESSA OERs are made by teachers for their own classroom contexts? what experiences and reflections do they draw on in making such modifications?
For more information on the Embedding TESSA Activity Project and to download the briefing note please see here.