Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa (TESSA)



You’ve arrived at the home page of the award-winning TESSA programme. TESSA, or Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa, is a network of teacher trainers and teachers working alongside The Open University, UK and other international organisations to focus on the education and training needs of teachers in sub-Saharan Africa. The aim is to bring together teachers and teacher educators from across the region.

The principal purpose of TESSA is to improve the quality of classroom practice and extend access to teacher education resources across sub-Saharan Africa. It does this through offering a range of materials, all of which are Open Educational Resources, in four languages to support school-based teacher education and training. Click here for materials that are open to all.

8th March 2011 is International Women'


Use the country finder (opposite) to access a range of materials in a variety of primary subject areas (life skills, literacy, numeracy, science and social studies & arts), together with secondary science.

The TESSA materials are all ‘Open Educational Resources’ (OERs) produced by African teachers and teacher educators. This means that these materials can be freely downloaded, adapted, translated and integrated with other materials in courses and programmes for teachers at no cost.