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TESSA Secondary Science: Tanzania Workshop

By Kris Stutchbury, OU UK

Tessa Secondary Science is a project funded by the Waterloo Foundation. The aim is to deliver Open Educational Resources (OERs) to support teachers in developing pupil-centred pedagogical approaches to teaching science in secondary schools across five African countries. The first workshop was help in Dar Es Salaam College of Education (DUCE) in November 2010. Representatives from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Zambia, along with an observer from Mozambique gathered in order to plan the output for the project.

The starting point was an agreed vision for an effective secondary science teacher. Based on this, and visits to two secondary schools, we identified five themes through which the resources will support secondary teachers. There will be 15 units in total, with each theme being exemplified through three contexts. The contexts reflect the fact that science education in Africa is defined very clearly in terms of separate physics, chemistry and biology. All the contexts chosen are part of the lower secondary school science curriculum in each country. We agreed a template for the units, based on the tried and tested successful TESSA template and discussed the implications of the TESSA approach in the secondary context.

In all our partner countries, increasing access to secondary education is high on the national agenda. The aim is to support pre-service and in-service teacher education, and each institution will be identifying ways in which the resources will be incorporated into their teacher education programmes.