TESSA in Togo

 Since October 2007, two colleagues from the Direction des Formations (DF) in Lomé in Togo, Madame Amivi Komlan and Monsieur Richard Kossi Agbogan have championed the use of the TESSA pedagogy and materials with teacher-trainers and student teachers in Togo. Richard shared their work at the TESSA conference in Johannesburg last April.

As a result of Amivi’s and Richard’s commitment and representation, the Ministry for primary, secondary and literacy education (Ministère des enseignements primaire, secondaire et de l’alphabétisation, MEPSA) invited Michèle Deane and Sally Pritchard to lead a versioning workshop at the Campus Numérique Francophone (CNF) in Lomé between 27 and 30 September 2010.
Two directors from the MEPSA, the director for pre-school and primary education and the director for secondary education, and Monsieur Adalan, the acting director of the DF presided at the opening ceremony of the workshop.
During the four action-packed days, 20 trainers from the DF including Monsieur Adalan, and eight teachers from the École Normale d’Instituteurs(ENI) worked with real determination to attain the aims of the workshop that were to:
discover and understand the pedagogical principles of the TESSA OER
discover the TESSA OER and decide which content is most appropriate to the primary school national curriculum in Togo
define, by subject, the best steps towards adapting the resources to meet the needs of teacher training in Togo
adapt some of the TESSA resources to the social, cultural and economic context of Togo
establish a timetable to adapt all resources
The evaluations of the workshop showed that all objectives had been attained to a high level.
 Some resources were adapted at the workshop and an exacting schedule for completing the versioning of all TESSA resources was agreed:
All the resources would be adapted and quality assured by the DF team in Lomé by the end of December 2010.
ENI teachers, the primary education school inspectors and the mentors would be trained in the use of the TESSA materials and its pedagogy by the end of January 2011.
 At the end of the workshop, Amivi was appointed TESSA coordinator for Togo. In the last ten weeks, colleagues at the DF together with some of the ENI teachers have been working with dedication to adapt all the TESSA Francophone resources. As soon as these have been quality-assured by the editing team at the OU UK, a Togo page will be created on the TESSA website.
There is still a little way to go until all resources are completely adapted, but as they are agreed by all, they are placed on a provisional site: http://togopagetessa.pbworks.com