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Projects relating to TESSA
  • TESSA Secondary Science

    This is an exciting project, started in August 2010, which aims to extend TESSA education resources to teachers in secondary schools within 5 countries: Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia and Tanzania.

  • 'Keeping Girls in School' Access into Teaching Scholarship Programme

    This project is providing a pathway for rural women in Malawi into teaching through providing Learning Assistant roles in local schools and supporting women to re-take secondary school exams.

  • Embedding TESSA Activity [complete]

    This project  has been funded by the Hewlett Foundation with the intention of embedding and disseminating TESSA resources whilst researching the impacts and effectiveness of the resources across primarily 3 areas; the classroom, school and networks.

  • Widening TESSA Participation [complete]

    This project is funded by the Commonwealth of Learning with an overall aim to extend TESSA use in primary teacher education programmes at colleges in Uganda and Zambia.

  • Open Learning Fellowships

    In 2011-12 the Open Learning Network (OLnet) worked in partnership with TESSA to support five Fellowship places.

  • Teaching Early Reading

    This new initiative extends TESSA primary education resources into the important area of early childhood education in Africa.