Members of the TESSA consortium contribute to a wide range of national and international forums debating and researching teacher education.

The TESSA website provides a meeting place for the exchange of research outputs. These are shared here under three key themes.
Click on a theme below to find out more about TESSA research activity in each area.

  1. Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa

    TESSA materials and approaches have received positive feedback from teacher educators, teachers and pupils across the consortium. But how can optimal teacher learning be facilitated? This theme explores how TESSA – and other OERs - might be more fully embedded and established in teacher education across the region.

    Papers, presentations and publications

  2. The collaborative creation, development and use of OERs in teacher education

    OERs and partnership are at the heart of TESSA activity. Studies relating to this theme explore, compare and analyse how the TESSA OERs are created, adapted and implemented across the network.

    Papers, presentations and publications

  3. Classroom practice and the teacher experience in Sub-Saharan Africa

    It is essential that teacher development initiatives are designed to be accessibl, appropriate and meaningful for teachers. They should also have an impact on teachers’ classroom practice. This theme focuses on teachers’ ideas about teaching and learning, their experiences in the classroom and how these ideas and experiences are affected by personal and local contexts.

    Papers, presentations and publications

    • Eric Addae-Kyeremeh – Professional development spaces – An exploratory study of head-teachers’ perspectives in Ghana
    • Habineza Faustin – Didactical situations in mathematics: Student teachers’ difficulties in implementation learner-centred approaches in Rwandan Secondary Schools
    • Nixon Daba Adzifome, Salome Praise Otami, Ahmed Kobina Amihere – Collaborative model of peer teaching of literacy and numeracy in Ghanaian KG1-P3 classrooms: the lived experiences of prospective teachers
    • Henry Busulwa – Influence of biology education on use of natural resources: a case study on use of natural prodcuts from Pece Wetland, Gulu District, Uganda 
    • Professional development and teacher morale in rural communities  Alison Buckler and Amani Abdel Gafar, 2012
    • Building a policy understanding of the lives of female teachers working in rural schools in Sub-Saharan Africa Alison Buckler
    • The whole classroom is smelling bad’ Alison Buckler, 2009
    • Pride and Light: Female teachers’ experiences of living and working in rural Sub-Saharan Africa Alison Buckler
  4. Other themes

    • Might Abreh – Foundations of academic writing: how to produce publishable research articles from thesis/dissertations
  5. Reports

    An evaluation of the TESSA impact and progression funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation was published in October 2012.

    The TESSA full Evaluation Report is avaliable to download in PDF format:
    TESSA full Evaluation Report (pdf)
    In addition there is also an easily downloadable Executive Summary:
    Executive Summary (pdf)

    Pour télécharger le résumé de l'évaluation en français, cliquez sur :
    Resume-evaluation_TESSA (pdf)

    For more information on the evaluation context, approach and the overall TESSA impact please see the briefing note here.