TESSA Ambassadors

The recruitment of TESSA Ambassadors is a way of strengthening the TESSA network, by bringing together practitioners dedicated to improving the life chances of children currently in school.

Evidence shows that teachers and teacher educators benefit from collaborative working, so we are keen to strengthen our networks through Facebook and other social media platforms. We are therefore looking to recruit a team of country Ambassadors who will act as TESSA champions in their countries, bringing together current users and promoting TESSA whenever they can.

A TESSA Ambassador is likely to be a TESSA user. This might be someone who is working in a school, in a teacher training institution, a Government agency or an NGO; teaching or working to support teachers in developing active pedagogies. They will be a good communicator, active on social media and dedicated to improving learning and teaching, making school relevant for the 21st Century. 

TESSA Ambassadors will help to:   

  • Raise the profile of TESSA in their community and increase awareness of the OER;

  • Encourage the uptake and use of TESSA in their community of practice;

  • Support colleagues who wish to use TESSA;

  • Report on TESSA use, events and activities in their country;

  • Engage with the TESSA Facebook page;

  • Act as a point of contact in their country for new partners and users.

This is a voluntary role without financial remuneration. However, it is an opportunity to raise your professional profile and extend your own networks. To apply to become a TESSA Ambassador, please complete the ‘TESSA Ambassador Application form’ here and send this to us with your CV and a photo for your profile on the website to tessa@open.ac.uk. We may request additional information where necessary.

On becoming a TESSA Ambassador, each person will get:

  • A welcome pack including a recent newsletter, CDs/memory sticks with the TESSA resource library, TESSA postcards and TESSA posters;

  • Experience that will enhance their CV (you may use the title TESSA Ambassador on your CV and email signature if you wish);

  • An entry with your contact details on the TESSA website;

Whenever a TESSA Newsletter is published, Ambassadors will receive a more detailed communication setting out progress towards the TESSA objectives of improving access; embedding TESSA in Institutions; increasing the number of users and improving teacher education. We see the Ambassadors as key collaborators in our plans for sustainability, ensuring that the TESSA community becomes self-reliant. Thank you for taking on this important role.

Current Ambassadors

Dr. Florence Kamonjo, Kenya.  Email: fkamonjo@yahoo.com

Having been a science teacher in chemistry for the last 22 years, I have the desire to be part of any programme that would promote or improve academic achievement in science. I would love to see students excel in sciences especially girls. In Africa girls have been performing poorly in science because they have a misconception that science is for boys and girls are to excel in languages and arts subjects.


Dr Anne Achieng Aseey, Kenya. Email: awinoanne14@gmail.com 

My motivation for becoming a TESSA Ambassador is to increase, promote and create awareness on the use of Open Education Resources among leaners, students, student’s teachers, tutors and professors, education offices at various levels and parents and the community at large.  



Dr. Anthony Mugagga Muwagga, Uganda. Email: amugagga@gmail.com

Muwagga Mugagga Anthony (PhD) is an Associate Professor of Philosophy of Education at the College of Education and External Studies, Makerere University (CEES). He has advanced training in teacher education, economics, philosophy of education, child rights, school and classroom management.  He is a professional teacher and has been teaching at Makerere University since 1998. As a TESSA ambassador he hopes to advance the cause of teacher education in Uganda and beyond. 

Doris Kaije, Uganda. Email: doriskaije@yahoo.com 

I have been the Chairperson TESSA Team at Kyambogo University. With the support of Open University, TESSA materials were rolled out to ten (10) colleges in Uganda under Distance Education programme of Kyambogo.

This background motivates me to continue, now as a TESSA Ambassador



Dr George Kasule, Uganda.  Email: gwkasulem@gmail.com 

What is my motivation for becoming a TESSA Ambassador? Given the fact that, I teach student tutors for Primary Teachers' Colleges in Uganda, I strongly feel that I have the obligation to introduce the TESSA OERs to the student tutors who later upon graduation and deployment at their respective colleges could share the TESSA OERs to support primary school teacher trainees in developing active pedagogies. This is key for any endeavour to improve learners' learning outcomes and overall improvement of education quality, especially, in developing countries like Uganda


Dr Grace Ndeke, Kenya. Email: grace.ndeke@egerton.ac.ke

Since am training teachers in science it’s my desire to train the science teachers in a way that improves learners’ performance and as well enhance positive attitude towards science.



Peter Sinyangwe, Zambia. Email: peter.sinyangwe@yahoo.com

My motivation for becoming a TESSA Ambassador is based on my experience and success in working with community and Government schools in Zambia, and having supported the successful signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Open University and the Ministry of General Education on the TESSA activities in Zambia. There has been a significant use of TESSA materials in Zambia.


Sylvester Donkoh, Ghana. Email: slydonkoh@hotmail.com

I am passionate about seeing both teachers and student-teachers effectively deliver content to learners in a manner that foster critical thinking, creativity and meaningful learning. Meaningful learning occurs when creativity and critical thinking are promoted in a collaborative learning environment. TESSA and its resources promote interactive pedagogy in an environment in which there is collaborative learning, critical thinking and creativity. I have accepted TESSA as a means of making teachers effective and bringing about meaningful learning in learners, and want to share the message of TESSA with others. 


Victor Anyanful, Ghana. Email: vkanyanful@hotmail.com 

A professional teacher with over twenty two years teaching experience. I being using the TESSA OER in my teaching since 2012 and served as the TESSA Coordinator for four Colleges Of Education in Ghana since 2014 to date.  I also facilitate the teaching of the use of TESSA OER to private school teachers in some districts in Ghana.  I aspire to inspire the 21st century teachers with the use of innovative and creative approaches to teaching. 



David Ngobi, Uganda. Email: davidngobi@yahoo.co.uk 

A professional teacher with in - built career of over 26 years as a primary  school classroom teacher, head of Department , Deputy Headteacher and Headtecher (Primary),   Inspector of Schools, Centre Coordinating Tutor  (CCT) ,  Administrative Assistant, National Coordinator Child –to - Child Programme, Assistant Lecturer and currently  Lecturer  and Head of Curriculum studies, Kyambogo University, Uganda


Dr Sammy Muteti Mutisya, Kenya. Email: Muteti@mmarau.ac.ke

Have been a secondary teacher, science education tutor in primary teacher education and a science instructional methods lecturer in the University. My combined teaching experience is more than 22 years. My motivation to be a TESSA Ambassador is introduce my colleagues in Teacher education, Primary Teachers Training College Tutors and Teacher trainees to TESSA OER and Champion Learner Centered Education in Narok County in Kenya and beyond.

Dr Patriciah Wambugu, Kenya. Email: patriwa2010@gmail.com

I have a long experience in teaching high school and also as a teacher educator. I was involved in the writing of TESSA secondary science materials and have be instrumental in their use by the teacher educators in the faculty of education and community studies, Egerton University. The TESSA OERs are quite effective in the training of both in-service and pre-service teachers especially in improvement in pedagogy. I may be able to extend TESSA more as an Ambassador within and beyond Egerton University.


 Reymick Oketch, Uganda. 

I have closely worked with TESSA-Uganda from 2010 to date and have great belief in TESSA materials which I would want to extend its use to many secondary school teachers and other teacher trainers.




Zulu Charles William, Zambia. Email: zulucharleswilliam@gmail.com

Working with TESSA materials is the real motivating factor. I have taught for 12 years and the art of Teaching in the classroom practice has been very fruitful. Case studies and teaching approaches are very helpful. My experience with TESSA  materials has been so awesome because materials are accessible and adoptable by anyone. Currently, I am sharing materials with teachers in the district and sensitising them on how to access them from the TESSA website and teachers have started accessing them. I have worked with TESSA materials as a teacher, as Head of Department and now DRCC. I hope to continue  working with TESSA team and learn more about TESSA activities.

Ampumuza Brenda, Uganda. Email: ampumuzabrenda8@gmail.com

Am interested in being an ambassador for TESSA because of my strong urge to reach out to all individuals in regard to improving the teaching and learning process especially of science and related subjects


Sebastian Atta-Fynn, Ghana. Email: s.attafynn@gmail.com

Teaching students teachers at my College has given me a lot of pedagogical experience. This has been reinforce with my association and use of TESSA OERs that has made impact on my teaching and it has also reflected in the teaching practice and project work improvement of my students. I hope to extend TESSA to teachers in basic schools in Central Region and Ghana as a whole.



Dr. Rose Nyambura, Kenya. Email: nyamburar22@yahoo.com

I am very passionate about science education because this is where every nation hopes to tap and nurture enormous abilities in the young people in order to solve current and future problems in various fields including medicine, agriculture, environment, engineering and technology.  




Dr. Florence Kisirkoi, Kenya. Email: kisirkoiflorence@gmail.com

As a TESSA ambassador I will use TESSA OERs and participate in MOOC.  I will work collaboratively with teacher trainers, trainees, practicing teachers and educational administrators to support teachers and or prepare teachers using TESSA OERs to be facilitators of learning, engage learners in learner friendly classrooms, prepare learners to construct their own knowledge and their own meaning, discover knowledge and much more. I will influence teacher trainers, trainees, practicing teachers and educational administrators to take up MOOC. Improving classroom practice of as many teachers as possible is my goal especially in this very challenging 21st century.


Said K. Juma, Tanzania. Email: said.juma@suza.ac.tz

I am motivated to be a TESSA ambassador so that I can contribute towards improving teacher education in the sub-Saharan Africa region. I am particularly interested in improving inclusive teacher education in the region. Hence, I would like to share the TESSA OERs with my colleagues at my University and other universities/institutions dealing with teacher education in Zanzibar and beyond. 


Pritee Auckloo, Mauritius. Email: p.auckloo@mieonline.org

I believe in the power and freedom of OERs and have experienced the change transformation in users who adhered to this philosophy based in Mauritius, Rodrigues and beyond. I have decided to join the TESSA Ambassador project as I relate to its philosophy in particular to empower teacher educators using OERs. I also believe I can contribute to this project as a consequence of my research interests in this area across African contexts and am certain that adherents will be involved in a vibrant community of practice around related issues.


Mwangwe Lukwesa, Zambia. Email:  mwangwelukwesa@yahoo.com

I am a teacher educator who worked in primary school for 6 years before being appointed to current position of PRCC. For the past 14 years now, have worked at both the District and Provincial Resource Centre where I have been providing in service trainings to teachers. Throughout the past years, I have gained sufficient knowledge in teacher education programmes and education in general.


Simon Shayo, Tanzania. Email: shayosimon@gmail.com

I have been working with teachers since 1993 in different activities.

These activities include: development of teaching and learning materials for Science and Mathematics for primary schools and secondary schools,development of ICT content for secondary school teachers, conducting  in-service,training to Primary, Secondary school and College teacher Educators. After inauguration of the TESSA Science project at Dar es salaam University College enhanced my capacity in the area of pedagogies in teaching science subjects as well as content development. Note that all these opportunities are due to the activities I have done through TESSA rogramme in Tanzania.


Gumisirizah Nicholus, Uganda. Email: ngumisirizah@gmail.com

I just completed a TESSA COURSE on Making Teacher Education Relevant in the 21st Century in Africa. I attended the DETA conference in Rwanda in August 2017. Sharing on TESSA OER inspired me a lot. I feel I am the right TESSA Ambassador to disseminate the information about TESSA OER to most parts of our region beginning from my place of work. 



Jeremiah Lemayian, Kenya. Emaillemayianlok@gmail.com

I really love teaching and welcome any extra knowledge that will boost my position and desire to touch learners’ lives by modelling them for the better.




Bernard Onsoti, Kenya. Emailbernardonsoti14@gmail.com

I have an experience of ten years in teaching and two years in administrative role. I love teaching science and mathematics. The basis of my motivation kicked off when I was introduced to Tessa Africa. Having gone through MOOC training and got exposed to TESSA OER materials, it was fun and an impressive experience. I feel I have an obligation to reach my fellow colleagues at school level and other institutions in my country through available media platforms to spread the TESSA OER materials. To me,gaining knowledge from the world and not sharing it, is as good as never gained it in the first place.


Juma Salim Ali, Tanzania. Email: jusal15@hotmail.com

I am working at the Inclusive Education and Life Skills Unit which is under the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training Zanzibar as a head of Inclusive Education Section.I have been a trainer on inclusive education to inclusive education teachers from 152 schools implementing inclusive education program out of 453 schools in Zanzibar (government schools).  I have been engaged in training newly recruited teacher centre (TC) advisors and Resource teachers on inclusive education who are responsible to train teachers in their cluster schools.   I am encouraged to be a TESSA ambassador in order to promote teacher education carder in the sub-Saharan Africa region so that teachers can produce quality education to learners. I share the TESSA materials with my fellow colleagues, teachers, students in schools and in teacher training colleges.


Amivi Cra Komlan, Togo. Email: kanthamivick@gmail.com

After 17 years of Teaching English, I became at teacher trainer myself and putting the strategies into use and seeing the results during class visits has given me the conviction that there is no other way as the learner centredness for best results. But then, it was sad that these active methods of teaching were experimented only in English and in secondary schools.

So, when I discovered TESSA in 2007, I was enthusiastic. Learner centredness was going to enter our primary schools where it was most needed. We embraced TESSA and as the coordinator of the TESSA team at Direction des Formations in Togo, we have gone a long way: all our teacher trainers and our student teachers have been introduced to the TESSA approach and resources. The TESSA Togo team has also been instrumental in the adaptation and the creation of the TESSA resources for Francophone countries.

Kossi Agbogan, Togo. Email: adolfis2rich@yahoo.fr

As a curriculum specialist, I would recommend the use of TESSA learner-centred strategy to help to rework this curriculum, including ICT as a tool for training. The TESSA OER will help to elaborate pedagogical scenarii through Moodle and ScenariChain for distance education, training and professional development of teacher educators, teachers in post and students-teachers in the coming years.



David Ngatia, Kenya. Email: dgachiu@yahoo.com

 TESSA has given me such a good forum and making me an effective and efficient teacher. The Tessa resources are quite good and useful at all levels of teaching. I particularly participated in the TESSA MOOC and found it very beneficial to me as a teacher.


Dr Isaac G. Gito, Kenya. Email: githigagitogo@yahoo.com

My desire is to see young learners in primary schools in Kenya and Africa as a whole, get quality teaching and learning. I am particularly interested in the provision of in-service training of teachers in the use of TESSA methods as well as OERs to make the learning experience in schools more enriching.


Tembo Lephcard, Zambia. Email: tembolephcard@gmail.com

My experience with tessa  especially the key resources has been good in that the resources are available for every teacher to access them and at the same time they can be adapted to suit a particular environment. Teaching using the resources adapted from tessa websites is   interesting and makes the learning process interactive.


Blackson Phiri, Kenya. Email: blacksonphiri2020@gmail.com

I am motivated to become A TESSA Ambassador because of the programmes that the team is promoting which are key things that teachers need in their every day duties.



Muzyamba Greyson Hatimba, Zambia. Email: muzyambagreyson@gmail.com

My motivation for becoming a TESSA Ambassador is to create awareness of great facilities offered by TESSA such as Open Education resources, C.P.D, wide networking to improving teachers’ standards of teaching and capacity, to the community, student teachers and my fellow teachers. 


Nyanjiga Rukondo, Tanzania. Email: nyarukondo2011@gmail.com

I work with DUCE in the Faculty of Education, Department of Educational Psychology and Curriculum Studies since 2006. After getting my PhD degree in Science Teacher Education in 2016, I was promoted to lecturer and my role include teaching, research and consultancy. I teach Teacher Education courses including methods courses.  Therefore, TESSA OER is of my interest because it deals with Teacher Education Programs which have been my pleasure to my life.

Zulu Zelipa Mathews, Zambia.

Having participated in the TESSA MOOC, I have gained much knowledge that has helped me in executing my duties at my place of work. With the availability of Tessa materials, it has been easier to handle the classroom situation in terms of teaching & learning process. I shall make use of the Tessa Online Education Resources at all times because they are very beneficial.


Dahunsi Opeyemi Akeem, Senior Editor/Instructional Designer, National Open University of Nigeria

I am passionate about design, development and delivery of qualitative self-instructional resources for Open and Distance Learning (ODel). Currently I am part of a team that has a pivotal role in the innovation by sensitizing and training key stakeholders in the modernisation of the instructional resources-production process.  My motivation for becoming a TESSA Ambassador is to foster awareness and use of Open Education Resources (OER) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), support capacity building for the sustainable development of quality learning materials and encourage the development and adaptation of OER in a variety of languages and cultural contexts.


Adeyoola Dauda Adeyanju,  Instructional Technologist: Designing and Development of Instructional Materials, University of Ilorin, Nigeria

I am a teacher by choice, with over 5 years experience. I had my Bachelor's degree in Educational Technology, and currently running a Master's degree in Instructional Technology. My experience as an Educational Technologist has given me the opportunity to blend technology with the convectional teaching methodology. Yes, I use suitable technology to teach in order to facilitate learning and improving performance. TESSA resources has given me the opportunity to teach better. In this 21st century, teaching process should be learner centered, teachers are just to guide the students to achieve the educational goals and objectives. 

Ahumuza Akiiki Emmanuel, Lecturer and Head of Section – Mathematics, Assistant Academic Registrar, Mentor Teacher - ICT, NTC, Kaliro, Uganda

I have considerable experience in teaching student teachers at National Teachers’ Colleges, using Active Teaching and Learning (ATL) methodologies. I believe I can have a lasting impact working as a TESSA Ambassodor.