Engagement with OERs in teacher education

TESSA materials have received positive feedback from teacher educators, teachers and pupils across the consortium. But how can optimal teacher learning be facilitated? This theme explores how TESSA – and other OERs - might be more fully embedded at selected sites.
Areas of activity
  • Extending and Embedding TESSA
  • Widening TESSA Participation
  • Reflective Photography Project in Sudan
  • PhD study in institutional readiness for OER use
Papers, presentations and publications
Some of these papers are available here. For others, contact the authors.
Gareth Dart, 2011
Freda Wolfenden and Alison Buckler, 2011
Freda Wolfenden, Abdurrahman Umar, Jessica Aguti and Amani Abdel Gafar, 2010
Jane Cullen, Fred Keraro and Joseph Wamutitu, 2012
Joseph M. Wamutitu, Fred N. Keraro, Johnson M. Changeiywo and Jane Cullen, 2011