The 2nd TESSA Forum Uganda 2018 milestone

George, TESSA Ambassador, Uganda

The 2nd TESSA Forum Uganda 2018, was yet another opportunity to expand the TESSA network not only among teachers and teacher educators in Uganda but also educational policy makers and managers. The Forum was held on 1st and 2nd February 2018, at Kyambogo University (KyU), Uganda. It was attended by 150 delegates who included among others the Principal and one other representative from each of 61 Primary Teachers' Colleges (PTCs) for primary teacher training and 05 National Teachers' Colleges (NTCs) for secondary teacher training. The Forum was officially opened by Minister of state for Education and Sports in charge of sports (Hon. Charles Bakkabulindi). The Minister pointed out that teachers regardless of context need new skills to ably meet the 21st Century teaching and learning demands. Thus, commended KyU and the Open University (OU), UK for promoting the quality of teaching in Africa, and Uganda in particular through the TESSA project. At the close of the opening ceremony, a signed copy of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between KyU and The OU UK aimed at promoting TESSA activities in Uganda was given by Prof. Eli Katunguka (Vice Chancellor- KyU) to Kris Stutchbury (Academic Director of TESSA, OU). Some of the presentations were about: What is TESSA about? Challenges and Opportunities for Teacher Education in Uganda; Exploring TESSA OER; Principles of meaningful assessment from TESSA; Integrating TESSA into the PTC/NTC curriculum; and The TESSA MOOC. The aforementioned presentations were ably done by: Doris, Kris, Julian, Reymick, David, and Jane among others. In conclusion, the Forum delegates highly appreciated TESSA OER and resolved to embrace the usage of TESSA OER in their institutions.