The collaborative creation and adaptation of OERs for teacher development

This theme represents the heart of TESSA activity. Studies relating to this theme explore, compare and analyse how the TESSA OERs are created, adapted and implemented across the network.
Areas of activity
  • TESSA Website Testing
  • TESSA Materials Development Testing
  • TESSA Materials Trialling
  • An analysis of TESSA Materials adaptation in three countries
  • TESSA Secondary Science
Papers, presentations and publications
Some of these papers are available here. For others, contact the authors.
Freda Wolfenden and Alison Buckler, 2012
Cornelia Muganda, 2011
Michèle Deane
Freda Wolfenden, Alison Buckler and Fred Keraro
Frank Banks, Bob Moon and Freda Wolfenden, 2009
Jayshree Thakrar, Freda Wolfenden and Denise Zinn, 2009
Freda Wolfenden, 2008
Freda Wolfenden, 2008
Bob Moon