Consolidating TESSA in Zambia’s Education System Peter Sinyangwe

One of the greatest achievements in working with TESSA OERs in Zambia has been the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of General education. This has been particularly useful in engaging MoGE officials at higher levels.

Some of the highlights of 2017 activities in Zambia included the Participation in the Joint Annual Review, which has helped to strengthen collaboration and information exchange with various stakeholders working to improve education standards in Zambia through online education resources.

The School Curriculum Mapping Workshop conducted during the month of June has helped in the development of the Curriculum maps. This was achieved with the help of colleges of education. TESSA materials have since been integrated into the Zambian revised curriculum systems, making it easy for teachers and teacher educators to cross reference the revised curriculum areas with TESSA OERs.

TESSA Zambia participated in the International Agriculture and Commercial Show, and displayed TESSA materials at the Ministry of General Education and Higher Education Pavilions in Lusaka. TESSA materials and information were shared with members of the public.


After the training of 41 Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) facilitators in Kabwe, more than 1,000 participants were registered in Zambia, resulting in a considerable number of participants taking part and completing the course. The number taking part in Zambia has been the highest in Africa. Working closely with the MoGE, TESSA Zambia monitored the registration and implementation of the MOOC in two provinces in Zambia, collecting vital data that will help to improve future application of MOOCs in the country.

Planned future activities in Zambia include Capacity Building workshops for Provincial and Districts Education Support Teams (PESTs/DESTs), Support for the implementation of the next MOOC, Capacity building  for TESSA Ambassadors and integration of TESSA Network with other agencies working in OERs in Zambia and other countries. TESSA Zambia is currently working closely with World Vision Zambia (WVZ) in supporting the implementation of the ZEST project in the Central Province of Zambia.