The personal and professional contexts of Sub-Saharan African teachers' lives

It is essential that teacher development initiatives, including those based around OERs, are designed to be accessible to, appropriate and meaningful for teachers. This theme focuses on teachers’ ideas about teaching and learning and how these ideas are affected by personal experiences and local contexts.
Areas of activity
  • Malawi: Supporting women into teaching
  • Pride and Light: Female teachers’ experiences of living and working in rural Sub-Saharan Africa
  • PhD study using Amartya Sen’s Capability Approach as a framework for better understanding female teachers’ professional lives in rural schools
Papers, presentations and publications
Some of these papers are available here. For others, contact the authors.
Alison Buckler and Amani Abdel Gafar, 2012
Alison Buckler, 2011
Michèle Deane
Building a policy understanding of the lives of female teachers working in rural schools in Sub-Saharan Africa
Alison Buckler
Alison Buckler, 2009
Bob Moon and Brendan O’Malley, 2008
Bob Moon and Alison Buckler, 2007
Alison Buckler