The long-lasting love affair between the DF and TESSA started in 2007 when Jeremy Cunningham and Michèle Deane visited us at the DF.
At the AFTRA Conference, Amivi-Cra Komlan and Michèle Deane did a joint presentation on how TESSA materials provided support to teachers working with pupils with disabilities.
Ghana has long been a key partner country of TESSA with a number of institutions involved in a range of partnerships with the OU.
“TESSA, TESSA, TESSA”, this was the traditional appreciative greeting Michèle Deane heard every morning when she arrived at the school
Teachers and Teacher Educators in Uganda are to benefit from the established forum on use of TESSA and OERs
This pre-conference workshop will be held on 2 and 3 August at Eduardo Mondlane Univers
8th March 2011 is International Women'


Use the country finder (opposite) to access a range of materials in a variety of primary subject areas (life skills, literacy, numeracy, science and social studies & arts), together with secondary science.

The TESSA materials are all ‘Open Educational Resources’ (OERs) produced by African teachers and teacher educators. This means that these materials can be freely downloaded, adapted, translated and integrated with other materials in courses and programmes for teachers at no cost.