TESSA for teachers - fr

TESSA resources are designed to help you develop as a teacher. They show you how to convert theory about teaching and learning into practice.

The TESSA Subject resources are linked to the school curriculum. There are 75 units of work covering the whole primary curriculum and 15 units of work based on secondary science. The best way to find what you want is to start with a topic you will be teaching in the near future.
Does the topic fit into life skills, literacy, numeracy, science or social studies?  

There are 15 units for each subject area, so you will need to search for one that is relevant to your topic (the primary curriculum framework and secondary science curriculum framework might help). Each unit has three activities and three case studies, as well as some resources to help you run the activities in your classroom. The activities can be used as part of your lesson plan and the case studies describe how a teacher used the activity or a similar one in their classroom. All the activities can be adapted if you can’t find exactly what you want; the units will provide ideas to make your teaching more interesting for students. 

The learning outcomes are for you rather than the students. Many teachers using these resources keep a notebook and record what they learnt from trying the activities. This is helpful if you try the activity again because you can reflect on how it went and try to improve. The TESSA units are most effective when teachers work together to plan their lessons and discuss what happens when they try the activities. Reflection and collaboration are very important in helping you to become a better teacher.

Linked to the units there is a set of Key Resources. These describe different classroom approaches and how to tackle issues like teaching a large class. The audio resources are short sound files that you can use to provoke discussion and engage students. The teaching packs present the primary subject resources by age instead of by curriculum topic. They contain all the same material as the subject resources. 

The handbook Working with pupils: a guide for teachers will help you to get started.