TESSA for teacher educators

The TESSA resources will help you to become more effective in your work with student teachers and teachers.

The TESSA Subject resources are linked to the school curriculum. There are 75 units of work covering the whole primary curriculum and 15 units of work based on secondary science. There is also a set of Key Resources describing particular classroom approaches (such as ‘group work’ and ‘questioning’) and how to tackle issues (such as ‘teaching large classes’). The resources show teachers how to link theory and practice, by providing examples of classroom practice through activities and case studies. This is why they will be helpful to you.

You can use the examples of classroom practice in your own work with student teachers and teachers. It is well known that teachers will teach in the way in which they were taught. There is very little point in a lecture on ‘active teaching’, for example; they need to experience active teaching for themselves in order to be confident about trying it in their classrooms. The subject resources and the key resources can be used to make your subject knowledge classes and methodology sessions more interesting, more relevant and more effective; they will help you to model active teaching.

When they are preparing for micro-teaching sessions or for teaching practice, your students will be able to use the subject resources to help them to plan active lessons.

The TESSA Teaching Practice Supervisors Toolkit contains a range of resources for supervisors to use to develop teaching and supervisory skills to support student teachers in their Teaching Practice.

The Inclusive Education Toolkit contains a range of resources for teacher educators to use to help teachers develop strategies that enable all pupils to reach their potential whatever their abilities, disabilities and needs.

The handbook Working with teachers: a handbook for teachers educators will help you to get started.