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This site map lists the Pan Afican English version of the materials as an example.

Pan African Teacher Educator Materials 

Module Area



Investigating Number and Pattern
Section 1: Learning through games
Section 2: Patterns in number charts
Section 3: Ways to solve number problems
Section 4: Seeing multiplication visually
Section 5: Practical work with fractions
Exploring Shape and Space 
Section 1: Exploring shapes
Section 2: Practical ways from sheet to cube
Section 3: Exploring 3D shapes
Section 4: Exploring symmetry
Section 5: Teaching transformations
Investigating Measurement and Data Handling 
Section 1: Introducing measurement
Section 2: Measuring and handling time
Section 3: Discussing data
Section 4: Working with weight
Section 5: Investigating distance
Reading and Writing for a Range of Purposes 
Section 1: Supporting and assessing reading and writing
Section 2: Stimulating interest in reading stories
Section 3: Ways of reading and responding to information texts
Section 4: Ways of presenting your point of view
Section 5: Ways of becoming a critical reader
Using Community Voices in Your Classroom 
Section 1: Investigating stories
Section 2: Ways to collect and perform stories
Section 3: Using local games for learning
Section 4: Using story and poetry
Section 5: Turning oral stories, poems and games into books
Promoting Communication in an Additional Language
Section 1: Providing natural contexts for language practice
Section 2: Ways towards fluency and accuracy
Section 3: Creating opportunities for communication
Section 4: How can you use interactive strategies
Section 5: Supporting additional language learning


Looking at Life
Section 1: Classifying living things
Section 2: A closer look at plants
Section 3: Investigating animals: hunters and the hunted
Section 4: Plants and animals adapting to survive
Section 5: Developing attitudes about our environmental impact
Investigating Materials 
Section 1: Investigating and classifying materials
Section 2: Exploring solids
Section 3: Looking at liquids
Section 4: Investigating air
Section 5: Wise use and reuse of materials
Energy and Movement
Section 1: Everyday forces - Investigating movement
Section 2: Exploring sounds and music
Section 3: Investigating electricity
Section 4: Looking at light and shade
Section 5: From Earth to the stars – using models

Social Studies / Arts

Developing an Understanding of Place 
Section 1: Mapping the local environment
Section 2: Human settlements and resources
Section 3: Investigating weather
Section 4: Investigating the changing environment
Section 5: Investigating other people and places
Investigating History 
Section 1: Investigating family histories
Section 2: Investigating how we used to live
Section 3: Using different forms of evidence in history
Section 4: Understanding timelines
Section 5: Using artefacts to explore the past
Looking at the Arts 
Section 1: Exploring the visual arts
Section 2: Organising practical craft activities
Section 3: Using dance for learning
Section 4: Using music in the classroom
Section 5: The art of storytelling

Life Skills

Personal Development – How Self-Esteem Impacts on Learning 
Section 1: Ways to explore who pupils are
Section 2: Planning physical growth and development sessions
Section 3: Exploring pupils’ ideas about healthy living
Section 4: Activities to support emotional well-being
Section 5: Ways to promote spiritual well-being
Exploring Social Development 
Section 1: Exploring social networks
Section 2: Investigating our place in the community
Section 3: Ways of taking responsibility
Section 4: Investigating self-esteem
Section 5: Ways of managing conflict
Community Issues and Citizenship 
Section 1: Exploring good citizenship
Section 2: Ways to investigate gender issues
Section 3: Looking at work and employment
Section 4: Exploring the environment
Section 5: Sensitive ways to raise HIV and AIDS

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